Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting down to business...

     What are your dreams? Your aspirations? When I was in high school I had my heart set on becoming a forensic pathologist. With many of the new crime drama shows out there, I'm sure you know what that means. My dream was to cut open dead people and figure out why they died. Yeah...not so much now. Maybe mother hood changed that in me. Maybe not. I still have a passion for forensic science but there are so many careers out there that I want to try. I think my list has grown to about, hmm, 92 dreamy careers I'd like to have in this lifetime.
     For starters, I would love to be a writer. But, I think this blog will be as far as I'll ever go with writing. I was good at it. I wish I could dream up of the next story that will be treasured by thousands of generations to come. Damn, J.K. Rowling for jumping me to the gun. I so wish I had thought up of Hogwarts. Cheers to her.
     Next on my dream career list would be an animal cop. Seriously. I have a huge passion for all creatures small and would love to take justice out on the idiots who hurt and commit such heinous crimes against animals.
     I would also love to become a ninja. I mean who wouldn't? Next, a school teacher, an artist, a singer, and the list could go on and on. I'm only 25, there's time right?
     But for right now, my passion is cake decorating. It's my fabulous creative outlet. And I'd like to turn my talents into a business. I have read so many success stories that I'm really motivated to start this cake business. I've never been to cake decorating school but I would die to go. Here are a few of my cakes I've made:

     Decorating is where I'm at in my life. I've got two great kids, a wonderful husband-to-be, and a HUGE passion for all things cake! Until next time...

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